Super Powers

A year ago, my husband and I lost our beloved Dalmatian Zack to cancer. Many of our friends mourned with us as we adjusted to life without him. One such friend was a little 2-1/2-year old who, even at her tender age, is an avid dog enthusiast. At the time of Zack’s passing, young Eowyn expressed sympathy for our loss.

Over the last year, whenever she and her parents visit, Eowyn seeks out some of the Dalmatian toys and pictures and trinkets that we still have around the house, proudly announcing: “This is Zacky.”

Then yesterday, her mother sent me a video of Eowyn, now 3-1/2. In it, Eowyn is telling her mom that she wants to show Matt and Lori something because “They don’t know.”

“What don’t they know?”

“This is Zacky, the firedog,” Eowyn says, proudly holding up a picture of a Dalmatian for the camera. “He has invisible super powers. He is still there even though they can’t see him.”

Oh yes, Eowyn, he is – I feel him often.

And please don’t ever lose those super powers you have: those powers of perception.

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